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Getting Family and Relatives together


With over 20 years in business, we are highly experienced in organizing group tours, large and small, and have up to date extensive knowledge of all areas in the Czech Republic. An additional assurance for you is to know that we were born there, grew up & lived there almost 30 years, speak the language, know the history of the homeland, know our way "around" (not just areas packed with tourists), understand the mentality of the people and much more. That kind of LIFE experience you can NEVER learn from any books, schools or traveling there even 100+ times as a tourist! There is no doubt about it, that it gives us a great advantage (to your benefit) over our competitors. We are the best choice for you! We know where to go to find the things you are looking for and get the right answer to your needs including information about your ancestry research (many times the latest, private information from villagers), which couldn't be found in any archives! In addition to your benefits, you should know that we have a large network of providers and contacts to the right people at the right places.

FREE ltd. Ancestry Research: You don't have to
spend hundreds of $ on lengthy ancestry research.
Give us any information about your ancestors and we'll do limited ancestry research for you at no cost when you join us on any scheduled or private tour. We have about a 96% success in locating living relatives. Don't miss the chance to enjoy meeting with them before it's too late! They may give you more information than you were looking for.
We have the reputation of finding living relatives
based on little information received from a picture
postcard mailed to America in 1914 !!!

We did it again! Happy Family.
Another great success to get the relatives together!

10 tour members + 17 relatives
First Czech Family Reunion in 150 Years!
We arranged it & made it happen.

We will custom design a Private group tour for your family & friends.

Since 1995, FREE ltd. ancestry research, made by a Czech native,  is always part of the tour. Get your family or friends together, set YOUR date & pick ANY places you would like to visit for: More family research - Visiting relatives - Reunions - Shopping spree, etc.
We’ll design a tour package to meet your special needs and budget, with complete LAND and optional FLIGHT arrangements. You’ll visit with your relatives and tour your ancestral village, church & cemetery and all the sites you wish or may be interested in.

We may “SPICE UP” your program with:

Brass band concerts - Folklore and Ethnic festivals - Brewery or wine tasting tours - Castle/Chateau and Cathedral tours - Crystal Glass or Porcelain (china) factory tours - Folklore show - Cruises on the Vltava River & more!


If you are a Non-profit group, church or organization and would like
to find
 a new way to raise money, a group travel can be your answer.