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They wrote:
(The following comments are from actual letters, "Thank You" cards, notes or our "Tour Evaluation Forms")

Dear Peter, My deepest appreciation to you for all your help, not just for our recent trips overseas, but for all your travel help throughout the past years. Your wide knowledge eases the planning and the enjoyment for the traveler. You take care of both the large and the little details. Best wishes to you, ... Jean E. / NE

... we enjoyed the trip, ... Vienna was great and we really enjoyed the hotel and food. We also enjoyed the church where the "Sound of Music" was made. Munich was fun and also the English Garden. Pilsen was fun as usual and the hotel was outstanding. We enjoyed all the activities for the Liberation Celebration. The roast duck in Ceske Budejovice restaurant was wonderful. We liked the Cesky Krumlov tour as well as in Prague and we were glad we got to go to St. Havel's church for Mass. The walking tour and boat trip was fun and visiting the museum of Charles Bridge was very informative. The Pizza Parlor where we had lunch was very interesting - I really liked the trains delivering the drinks. The Folklore program was great. Yes, you can use our names as a reference as we have enjoyed all the trips we have taken with you. Nelson & Lori H. / OR

The Plzen, Czech Republic Liberation Festival tour had been posted in “The Bulge Bugle” which is in Feb. issue of the official publication of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Inc. I mailed in my Reservation Application for myself and my son who will accompany me. I called about a week later to check on our confirmation and was informed that the trip was canceled due to lack of participants. I then called Cook Travel and talked to the owner explaining my problem and he was very helpful in locating another tour agency by the name of Linconnection USA / Czech Tours & Travel out in Lincoln, Nebraska. The owner's name is Peter Walter and he said that they have another tour starting at Omaha Beach, France continuing to Paris, Belgium, Luxembourg and ending up in Plzen. So he suggested that he could include us onto the end of that group's tour when it ended up at Plzen. I e-mailed Peter Walter my airline flight schedules so that he could coordinate the hotels with arrivals or departures. Thank God that sure took some planning, except it saved the trip. ... At the end of the tour my son Marty quotes: It was a trip of a lifetime. And I have to agree it was fabulous, exciting and beyond my expectations. As Peter Walter, Tour Director of Linconnection USA / Czech Tours & Travel hit the nail right on the head when he says: “You don't just visit the country - you experience it with us ”Norval W. / FL

Peter was awesome - great attractions / hotels, but especially for arranging family surprises (Our First Czech Family Reunion in 150 YEARS! Sharon & H. / NE.

Hotel accommodations - very good. Honza was a very good driver! The best part of our tour was spending time with all of the family at one time. Each part of our tour was very enjoyable, but our "surprise" of ALL of our family made this trip.Jim & Esther J. / NE

Hotels with great rooms, good locations and outstanding service.Prague tour guide - exceptional. Mirek was a great driver. Thank you for the use of your phone for emergencies. Thank you for a great trip! We created so many wonderful memories!  Tour evaluation: VERY GOOD. On scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you recommend our tours: 10. > 2 referrals submitted. Jim & Pat H. / NE

Just think: it has already been almost exactly a year since Kali and I left for the 80th birthday party overseas.  I often remember how lucky we were that you arranged such a wonderful trip for us. J.E. / NE

We want to thank you so much for our wonderful trip. We have a lifetime of memories. Plzen will always be very special to us. We had such a good time - I could go on & on. Peter, thanks again for everything. This trip exceeded our expectations. You did make it a perfect trip.   Sincerely Mickey & Kathy H. / KY

I really enjoyed the whole trip. You do a great job of organizing your tours - I want be going this next summer again. Darlene T. / IA

Thanks so much for the 8x10 photo of our travel group. I still marvel at all the interesting and fun things you were able to incorporate into our tour. It was all so enjoyable, it's impossible to select a favorite happening. Meeting our living Czech cousin and her family was a delight, and it was especially nice having you to translate. My photos bring back many happy memories. Thanks again. My best regards, Ardeanne G. / FL

Thank you for all your efforts to make our tour an enjoyable one. I appreciate your thorough planning which relieved the tourists of worrying about their day's activities. Sincerely, Jean E. / NE

I want to thank you so much for the great trip you planned to the Czech Republic. I have been on quite a few vacations but by far this was the best one! Our group was super to be with. You were a great tour guide & all the extras you did was greatly appreciated. Miroslav was a great bus driver, fun to be with and it was neat when he participated with our group. I know my girls & my mom also thoroughly enjoyed it. I really do appreciate everything you did for us. A happy Tourist Kathy M. / NE

We want to thank you for the wonderful tour to the Czech Republic that you arranged in June 1997. It was the dream of a lifetime. Our best regards to you & your family. Sincerely, Lad & Dorothy K. / NE

Our memories of our trip to the Czech Republic will be a lasting memory & especially the surprise at the dance Saturday night. The 40th Anniversary gift is precious to both of us and your thoughtfulness by having a cake will never be forgotten by Richard & I plus other memories of our trip. Your friends, Richard & Eleanor B. / NE

Note from "Tour evaluation form" -  What did you enjoy the most?: We liked everything Peter! Good choices of interesting towns & fun activities. Enjoyed the historical guided tours by knowledgeable tour guides. Just the right number of people in our tour. We liked you as our tour guide -  you got to know all of us & watch over us. You took us also to good bargain shopping. Fun company to be around Peter. Thanks for making it a wonderful experience. Connie W. / IA

We thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful time in The Czech Republic. We appreciate your taking us at the last minute on your sold out tour and we also appreciate your patience and the extra things you did for us. Again we thank you for a great tour. We could not have had a better tour director that did so much for us and provided us with such a good time. Stay happy . You are a good Czech. Sincerely, Nora and Wilson S. / CO

Virleen, Brett and I would like to thank you for a most wonderful trip. We were able to see and do so many different things. The Folk Festival was so beautiful with the many different villages represented. I especially liked the brewery, but the highlight of the trip for all of us was visiting the farm and the people there - their home, food & hospitality. All the people on the trip were nice, it was a great group. Peter, you did a great job, in fact you did much more than you needed to by having such a nice cake, rose pin and card for our 46th Anniversary. You will never know how much that meant to us. Sincerely, Duane M. / IL

...let me first say: "Thanks for the June Trip". It was a wonderful trip for us. The group was a great gang and we made some friendship that are the best part of joining in a group. Your program was outstanding. Thanks again for the special care you took to keep the group moving and altogether. Holiday Greetings, Dave & Barb L. / NE

I want to thank you so much for the spectacular trip to the Czech Republic that you put together for us last May. You did everything possible to make everything run smoothly. It was far beyond my expectations. The honoring our World War II. vets was the biggest surprise & also very heart warming. Sometimes we are led to believe our European allies have completely forgotten what we did, but not true at least in the Czech Republic. Seeing the part of the country that we covered so completely was wonderful as that is where my ancestors came from. I found it to be a beautiful country with very friendly people. Also thank you so much for the wonderful disc of pictures. Such a keepsake. The people on our trip were just great. I would truly recommend your trip to anyone wanting to visit the Czech Republic. Thanks again. Sincerely Jean T. / NE

What a special thing for you to have done - send DVD of our wonderful tour! Thank you so very much. The DVD did its job - it brought back golden memories of special people and special places. I have watched more than once, I can tell you! You did a fine job with the tour, and also with the DVD. Thank you. Sincerely, Jean E. / NE

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for recently providing Stephanie and myself with an unforgettable tour of the Czech Republic. We had an absolutely great time and you were so helpful in guiding us through the trip. We know that there were things (extra side tours, etc.) that you didn’t have to do but took it upon yourself to do them anyway, and we want you to know that we appreciated your additional efforts very much. We saw much more than we expected and the entire trip was outstanding. We had a fantastic time and we’ll remember it forever. We really saw much more than we expected and it was great. Very truly yours, Michael H. / NE

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