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What is Travel Protection

Travel Protection consists of insurance coverage and assistance services, which safeguard you both before and during your trip. It's the best way to ensure that you don't lose that dream vacation or that it doesn't turn into a nightmare. Although you probably don't want to think about it, the plain fact is travel involves some unique risks. In fact, you'd be surprised by some of the things that could happen. Ask yourself the following questions:

Could I miss my trip and lose my vacation investment too? 
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you have to cancel or postpone that dream vacation, you will probably lose some or all of the money you have prepaid. You may be able to reschedule the vacation, but will you have the money to pay for it?

Could it cost me extra money if I'm forced to come home early? 
You bet. It will probably cost you extra to return home, plus you won't get any money back for the missed portion of your trip.

Should I be concerned about medical insurance when I'm away from home? 
Definitely. Your medical coverage may be limited away from home, or you may not be covered at all. It's wise to check on this before you travel. Also, how will you find adequate medical facilities when you're traveling?

Would I benefit from expert help available when I need it? 
Yes, you probably would. When you're away from home, anything can happen. From a simple (but inconvenient and frustrating) case of lost luggage to major medical emergencies.

Can I be denied entry to the Czech Republic? 
Yes, you may. If asked, you have to show valid proof of your covered insurance during your stay in the territory of the Czech Republic.